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Yana Wilson continues to win on the USKids Las Vegas Tour in her favorite J.Lindeberg purple dress. This time she needed extra holes. Yana sank a 15 foot birdie putt on the 2nd playoff hole to capture the Painted Desert Championship. It was the tours fist tournament of the summer season in Las Vegas.

I felt like i played better than my score. I hit some really good shots I just did not get any breaks today. None! It’s a really challenging course and the wind made it much more difficult.

-Yana Wilson

After just missing her birdie attempt on number 8, Yana knew she was running out of holes. “It’s a nine hole tournament, there is no back nine”. On the walk over the to the 9th tee my dad kept saying we need birdie. We usually don’t talk about our score but we both felt +2 was not going to get it done. I told him not to worry, I’ll get birdie”

Yana’s tee shot on the 9th hole faded far right nearly hitting it out of bounds. “I’m not going to lie, I was trying to drive the green. I was aiming for the cart path on the right side of the fairway like I always do on this hole. This time I pushed it.” Lucky for Yana her ball came to rest just a few feet from the out of bounds marker. However, she was left with a difficult shot. “There was some low hanging branches in front of me and I had to go under it. It was a front pin placement so I had to hit a very low, spinning wedge shot to get it close. We practice these trouble shots a lot when we play at Legacy. Im just glad I’m able to pull it off in my tournaments.” Yana’s approach shot came to rest on the edge of the green 8 feet from the hole. When I hit my putt and I knew it was in. I had to battle through all day. “It’s frustrating when I’m hitting really good shots and I keep getting bad breaks. My dad kept reminding me on every hole, it will turn around be patient. Just keep hitting good shots.”

It turned around and Yana picked up her first win of the summer season. Great job Yana!



Painted Desert USKIds

Yana’s scorecard Painted Desert 1st place