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May 13 2017

Boulder Creek Golf Club / USKids Las Vegas Tour

It was just a par attempt from 30 ft. A bump and run from off the green. Yet Yana Wilson walked it in, took a deep breathe, calmed herself down and drained it.

Starting the round off Boulder Creek’s Eldorado par 5 1st tee, Yana’s opening drive went down the middle but short. She decided she was in range to go for it in two but came up just short in the greenside bunker. An errant bunker shot sent her ball sailing 30 yards over the green. That left her with a difficult downhill chip shot from the rough. She left her 4th shot short, just off the green, 30 ft from the hole. The last thing she wanted to do was walk away with a bogey or worse yet double bogey on a simple par 5.

After my 4th shot I called my dad over for help. I was frustrated with myself for hitting 4 poor shots in a row. Things were not going my way. He calmed me down, told me to take a deep breathe and to remember what I have been practicing all week. My next shot I chipped in from off the green. That shot saved my round, it turned things around for me really fast.

– Yana Wilson

On the very next hole, Yana birdied the par 3 when she rolled in a downhill 25 footer to get to her to -1. She drove the green on the 3rd hole after ripping her drive 220 yards down the middle. Her 18 foot putt for eagle just missed the cup and was able to tap that in for birdie. I could sense she was a little tense and charged up after sinking that birdie putt on the 2nd hole.

“Walking down the fairway on the 3rd hole my dad started asking me random questions like what we’re going to do in Orlando this summer. I was like what? Orlando? Dad really, this is the Tour Championship. He said I know, what theme park you want to go to this summer? What restaurants do you want to visit again? He knows I love Orlando and he made me take my mind off of golf.” It worked like magic!

After a great approach shot, Yana had a 6 foot birdie putt that came up and inch short on the 4th hole. Walking down number 5 fairway after nearly driving the green,  Yana started talking about what restaurants she wanted to visit and places she wanted to see in Orlando. I remember thinking this round is going to be special. Can she get to 29?

She birdied the 5th, 7th and 8th. She hit driver on the par 5 9th pushing it right. She still had a great angle to attack the pin and go for it in two. Yana chose to go with 9 iron from 105 yards. Rarely do I call off  her choice of clubs. She was pumped and hitting her irons well. I asked her to lets try wedge. She said “alright” and made a great swing. The ball never left her line and landed pin high, 10 feet from the cup.

Putting for 29

Are you kidding me, She had a 10 foot eagle putt, on her last hole of a tour championship, for a 29!  But Yana didn’t know that, she was still thinking about Orlando and the pool at the Grand Hyatt. Her eagle attempt started right on her line but broke away from the hole at the last second and left it 6 inches by the hole. She tapped it in for her 6th birdie in 9 holes and set a new USkids Las Vegas Tour scoring record of -6 (30)

Honestly I wasn’t thinking about 29 at all. I knew I made a ton of birdies but had no idea I was putting for a 29. My goal is to shoot 27 every time I play a round of golf. It’s been my goal ever since I had an on course lesson with Vision54. I’ll keep working and maybe one day it will come.

Not only did Yana win the Tour Championship she also capped if off as the USKids Las Vegas Spring Season Tour Champion Girls Age 10-11. Great job Yana54!